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Your farm must be 1,000 acres or have at least 15 separate fields to make a significant economic return on your management software investment.
As Seen In
Know what it costs to produce a 
bushel of grain for each field you farm.
Easily manage each field 
like a separate business.
Understand which fields are making you money and which fields are losing you money to make informed farm management decisions.
Farm Financial Solutions

Alan Strom and his son Nick

We’re making better decisions and gaining extra profit with accurate numbers as a guide,” Nick says. “Reviewing budgets and inputs on all of our fields is crucial to knowing the strengths and weakness of our entire operation. We’re using the program to change how we apply fertilizer to specific fields to get the maximum out of them."

Todd Yackley says:

In this environment you have to know your costs down to the penny and when the marketing opportunities come you have to be ready to pull the trigger, with Cash Cow it's enabled us to look at our numbers and figures to know if we made a profit.
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